Should Congress Vote To Send Troops To Syria – Approve War On ISIS – Syria War ISIS

Should Congress Vote To Send Troops To Syria

Should They Approve War On ISIS

Obama says no ground troops in Syria and the fight against ISIS (ISIL)

What do you think?

We do not need another war in Iraq. But will air strikes be enough. Congress is meeting to discuss all options. Make sure your voice is heard!!

September 18th

Another video released by ISIS – this time its a British Reporter telling his side of the story.

Stay tuned for more updates ISIS and reports from Congress!!

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Congress Approval Rating Lowest Ever

Congress Approval Rating Lowest Ever

The congress approval rating has hit an all time low. The current approval rate is now 16%. With mid-term elections on the way it is not looking good for congress at the moment.

This means that there is the potential for huge turnover this coming fall. Remember to go out and vote. How do you feel the congress is doing? Do you approve of their progress?

Let you congress person know that they work for you. If they do not keep America best interest in minds. Let’s replace congress today!!

Stay tuned for more updates on this and the upcoming debates!!

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Obama Administration Cleared Over Benghazi

The house panel has ruled that the Obama administration is clear of any wrong doing in the Benghazi situation. What do you think?

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Is Congress Ignoring Threats Like E. Coli And Ebola Virus

Is Congress Ignoring Threats Like E. Coli and the Ebola Virus? Is America being threatened by the Ebola Virus?

The Enterohemorrhagic bacterium Escherichia coli (EHEC) cause many food poisoning cases in the US these days. Unfortunately, such cases are most commonly a result of the negligence of a food supplier, retail stores where expired meat is sold, or restaurants which serve undercooked food. Whatever the case the result leads to the need of medical assistance. For this reason food poisoning with these bacteria is considered a personal injury accident.

For this reason if the person, group, or company who is considered at fault can be legally forced to pay compensation to the individual group of people who have been poisoned. This, of course, can only happen if evidence against the negligent party is collected. In order to determine that this bacteria lead to the poor medical condition you are in, you need to know a bit more about E.Coli. Read further and you will learn everything you need.

Most E.Coli strains are harmless. But some like enterohemorrhagic E.Coli are hazard to human health and life. Their incubation period is 3 to 8 days. The infection sources are:
- Cattle and other ruminants. They are the main E.Coli carriers.
- Uncooked meat and raw milk. – The bacteria dies when food is exposed to heat (160 degrees and higher).
- Fruit and vegetables – Droppings of sick animals find their way into water bodies that in turn feed the soil).

Once (EHEC) E.coli is in the human stomach, it begins to produce toxins that cause serious illness. Its basic symptoms are:
• Stomach muscle spasms
• Diarrhea (sometimes a bloody one)
• Fever
• Vomiting
Although the death rate of these bacteria is only 3 to 5%, it is a very shocking number.

If you or a relative of yours suffers due to infection with these bacteria, and this infection is due to someone else’s fault then you have the legal right to get an attorney. He can help you win a compensation, paid by the insurance company of the party at fault, or the defendant himself. When looking for a trustworthy attorney in California, you can contact 855-WIN-THE-CASE. We are a claims management company that can redirect you to the most reliable law firm in your town! car accident personal injury lawyer Los Angeles county.

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Republican Health Bill Passes In The House

Republican Health Bill

The House of Representatives passed, with 39 members of the Democratic Party, a republican health bill on Friday aiming to undermine President Obama’s – Obamacare.

This health bill would allow insurance companies to sell inexpensive limited coverage policies. These plans would mainly cover those who have had their insurance canceled because of the new obamacare law.

This shows that Obamacare is broken. This shows that America is furious with the President’s health care plan. We are proud that 39 Democrates supported this bill to bring fairness back to the American people.

Obama and Obamacare’s popularity has gone down over the last six weeks. Especially since the health care website is still having many problems. This is just the begining of trouble for the President and Obamacare. The Republican health bill solves a lot of these problems. It may or may not be the answer to all of the problems with Obama care but it is a start. Tell the Senate that you would like for them to pass the Republican Health care bill today!!

Let you congress person know that they work for you. If they do not keep America best interest in minds. Let’s replace congress today!!

Stay tuned for more updates on this and the upcoming celing debate!!

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Immigration Reform Update

Replace Congress – Keeping You Informed – Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform Update -

The very last time there was a law that several regarded as amnesty was initially in 2000. On December 21, 2000, President Clinton signed The Legal Immigration and Household Equity Act of 2000 (Existence Act) into law. This law, typically known as the Lifestyle Act or 245(i), permitted specific persons who had an immigrant visa immediately accessible but entered without having inspection (without having documents) or otherwise violated their status and thus are ineligible to apply for adjustment of status within the United States, to apply if they pay a $1,000 penalty.”If a whole new amnesty law is passed that’s the same because the outdated law, what will be the criteria?”To be eligible under the previous amnesty law, you have to happen to be:

1. The named beneficiary of the Form I-130 immigrant visa petition (“Petition for Alien Relative”), or Form I-140 immigrant visa petition (“Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker”), or Form I-360 ["Petition for an Amerasian Widow(er), or Unique Immigrant], or Form I-526 (“Petition for an Alien Entrepreneur”) or

2. The named beneficiary of an application for labor certification filed together with the Department of Labor (DOL) and

3. Been physically present within the United States in the course of a specific timeframe.

“Was there a due date for submitting under the outdated amnesty law?

Yes. You must have filed during a very quick window of chance. All petitions and applications needed to be effectively filed and approvable when filed.

“Was there a penalty or good for applying under the amnesty law?”

Yes. all of us who filed for using Area 245(i) needed to pay a $1,000 penalty fee.

“Were there other unique specifications?”

On the list of primary needs was proving the applicant was physically present within the U.S. in the course of certain intervals of time. Therefore, in anticipation of the new amnesty law, you must gather documentation to demonstrate your physical presence in the U.S. Such documentation might include, but isn’t restricted to, State driver’s license; State identification card; hospital report; school transcript; Revenue tax records; home tax records; religious records; utility charges; rental receipts; bank statements; employment records; and so on.

“Can I travel outside the us?”

If you are while in the nation without having documentation or otherwise out of status, travelling out of the us will set off an unlawful presence bar which might probably result in denial of any long term application. Under current law, anyone who has been while in the U.S. illegally for a year or even more and then leaves, is barred from returning for 10 years.

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Debt Ceiling – They got a deal done … For Now

Debt Ceiling

They got a deal done, well at least for now.  In a few months we will be right back in the same place.  Battling over the budget and the United States debt ceiling.  Enough is enough tell congress that we want a final change.  One that will get the US back on track with our finances and also keeps people working.

Actually we need a plan that does that and gets new jobs.  The U.S. needs more jobs and better paying jobs.  Send a message to Congress that they need to work this out.

Should we replace all of Congress.  Take our poll on our sidebar today!

Also check out our congress watchlist. This is a watchlist of members of congress that needs to know that if they keep America from growing we will repace you!!!

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